Curling Trophies

Nicola Hume

Product Design

Gogar Park Curling Club Trophies

A set of unique trophies made with a combination of digital fabrication machinery, traditional manufacturing and hand crafting.

Gogar Park Curling Club owned a set of generic trophies with wooden bases that blocks had been added to over the years to fit all of the engraved names. The engraving was expensive and the trophies didn't look good. They were looking for a unique trophy that would represent their club and that could be used to record winners without the annual expense.

The solution was a set of four trophies, shaped like curling stones, made from oak and bronze, two materials that will take on an elegant patina with age. A canvas scroll is held in the handle of the trophy, on which winners' names can be written each year. Extra scrolls are stored inside the stone.

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