Music Notes

Nicola Hume

Product Design

Music Notes

Giving Radios a purpose in a world of Digital Music Downloads.

The Music Notes radio helps people to remember new music that they hear by providing them with a physical print out of the song, artist and date they listened to it.

Radio’s are used less and less by young people who find them dated and would rather use a their phones to listen to mp3s or online music. One of the unique qualities of radios, however, that MP3 players don’t offer, is that they let you hear music that you havent specifically chosen but may like, thus broadening your musical knowledge and taste. This quality is being over looked by young people and so the Music Notes radio has been developed with the aim of introducing people to new music.

This radio also allows you to look back at old music from your past. One side opens to reveal a recess where print outs can be stored and looked at later. This adds personal value to the radio as songs are often closely linked to a time or event in someones life, and so can prompt old memories.

The recent disembodiment of music has meant that listening to it is no longer a unique or ritual like process, as putting a record or CD on used to be. Many people miss this physical interaction. To bring back the interaction with music, Music Notes has been designed to be hand held. None of the buttons are marked and there are unique ways of controlling it, encouraging people to explore and play with it.

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