Musical Field

Nicola Hume

Product Design

Musical Field

An electronic sound pathway, inspired by the sounds of nature, that responds to being stepped on.

Walk over it, stand on it or relax in it to create you’re own unique tune. Interaction with music field is intended to be effortless, even subconscious so that the user doesn’t have to think about what they’re doing and so that music is created as part of normal, unrelated actions.

Sensor Switches in the form of ‘Electric blades of grass’ are set in to real piece of grass.

Each electric blade acts as a switch , which, when stepped on triggers a specific sound clip to be played. Sound clips are taken from a music track of the users choice.

The product will be sold as slabs of turf fitted with the sensor switches and remote wireless speakers. The user will be able to set these slabs in to their own lawn and place the speakers around the garden to create surround sound. The switches are discreet meaning that people will unknowingly step on them whilst creating ambient sounds

This project was completed with Thomas Marriner ( and  Alastair Gauld (


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