The E.ON Challenge

Nicola Hume

Product Design

The e.on Challenge

Making young people aware of their energy consumption – In response to the 2011 Product Design D&AD Brief.

The e.on challenge is a live and interactive advertising campaign that encourages energy saving by “challenging” people to use less energy than their peers. Current energy meters show variations in energy use, day to day and let you see which appliances use the most power. Without putting this into context though, there is no way of knowing if you are using more or less than the average customer and so there is no incentive to change your habits. This is especially true for young people as they may not be responsible for bill paying yet and so would be unaware of a particularly expensive monthly bill that could indicate excessive energy use.

Constant use of the Internet and social networking sites mean that young people are used to, and completely comfortable with sharing many aspects of their lives with each other, whether it be photos, music, or even location. Why then is energy usage still completely private and rarely discussed? This lack of publicity results in young people giving it little thought and therefore putting little effort into energy saving.

The e.on challenge addresses this by creating public viewing boxes where users can compare their energy usage to others in their local area, work place, school etc. By doing so, people will become more aware of their energy usage, what is a normal level to use, what is excessive and what is achievable if e.on’s energy saving advice is followed, prompting them to change their habits accordingly. To use the service, simply swipe your e.on account card over the logo on a viewing box and look in to see how well you’re doing!

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